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11/21/22 –Farmers of Color Are Suing the US Government

10/17/22 – USDA Updates Two Farm Insurance

9/19/22 – What Farmers Really Want From the 2023 Farm Bill

9-7-22 – How One Portland Organization Uses School Gardens to Plant Seeds of Confidence

8/29/22 – USDA Invests $300 Million to Help Farmers Transition to Organic Production

7/20/22 – 9th Circuit rejects arguments against farming in Klamath wildlife refuges

7/5/22 – Mormon Crickets Swarm Oregon Farms

6/13/22 –How One Oregon Farmer Implemented Permaculture Techniques to Conserve Water

6/13/22 –The Past, Present and Future of the West’s Water Woes

6/13/22 –Honeybees Are Feeling the Heat

5/31/22 – American Agriculture’s Reliance on Foreign Workers Surges

5/16/22 – The Meatpacking Industry Drafted Trump’s 2020 Order to Keep Plants Open at the Expense of Worker Safety

5/16/22 – USDA Renews People’s Garden with New Locations

5/16/22 – President Biden Calls on Farmers to Double Crop in Face of Food Insecurity

5/16/22 – Agriculture’s Water Challenge is About to Get a Lot Worse

4/25/22 – In Oregon, Klamath Tribes Oppose Water Release for Farmers

4/18/22 – Farming At Your Fingertips: How Technology is Changing Agriculture Work

4/18/22 – Manure Supplies Running Low as Global Fertilizer Crisis Brews

4/11/22 – How Would a Potential Dockworkers’ Strike Affect Agriculture?

4/11/22 – 7 Bingeworthy Food and Farming Podcasts

4/11/22 – Finding New Uses for Crab Shells in Agriculture

4/4/22 – The Giant Spider Heading to the East Coast Is Good News for Agriculture

4/4/22 – A New Wave of Grain Innovation Rises in the Pacific Northwest

4/4/22 – US Supreme Court Will Hear Challenge to California’s Proposition 12

4/4/22 – FDA Approves First CRISPR Cows For Beef

3/28/22 – Solar-Driven System Could Produce Electricity and Water in Desert Regions

01/28/20 – Right to Farm Laws

03/02/16 – New Minimum Wage Hike Impacts Oregon’s Growers & Processors

01/12/16 – Vincent Duvall Elected 12th President of the American Farm Bureau

12/30/15 – BOLI Offers Trainings For Implementation Of New Sick Leave Policy

12/15/15 – November Agricultural Employment Law Update

08/13/15 – Oregon Farm Bureau’s Review of the 2015 Legislative Session

10/07/13 – University of Arkansas to Host Webinar on Animal Welfare Enforcement