Article IX

Article IX. Receipts and Expenditures

Section 1. Membership dues shall be collected by the Oregon State Bar and any other receipts of this Section shall be remitted promptly to the Oregon State Bar.

Section 2. The Oregon State Bar shall regularly assess the Section an amount to cover both direct and indirect costs of the Section’s activities performed by the Oregon State Bar staff.

Section 3. Expenditure of the balance of Section funds, after such assessment, shall be as determined by the Executive Committee. Section funds shall be disbursed by the Oregon State Bar as authorized in writing by the Section’s Treasurer using forms and following procedures established by the Bar. If the Treasurer is unavailable for authorization, the Section Chair may authorize disbursement of Section funds followed by written notice to the Treasurer of the action taken.Reimbursement of expenses incurred by the Treasurer or by the Treasurer’s firm must be authorized in writing by the Section chair. Expenditures of Section funds shall not exceed the available Section fund balance, nor shall expenditures be in violation of laws or policies generally applicable to the Oregon State Bar. Expenses of spouses or guests will not be reimbursed except as specifically approved by the Board of Governors.

Section 4. Contracts for Section newsletter editors or other providers of personal services must be reviewed and signed by the Oregon State Bar Executive Director or the Director’s designee. Individuals who attend a section program or event for the purpose of providing a significant service to the section are eligible for expense reimbursement pursuant to Section 7.5 of the OSB Bylaws, with approval from the Executive Committee.

Section 5. (A) The Section serves as an education, communication and networking forum in the areas of  law or other law related activity for which the Board of Governors approved its establishment. If the
Section receives support from the Bar on other than a fee for service basis, it shall comply with the expenditure restrictions applicable to the Bar as set forth in Keller v. State Bar of California, 496 US 1 (1990) and related board policies. (B) If the Section wishes to spend Section funds free from the restrictions imposed by Keller and related board policies it may do so if it pays the full cost of administration and other support provided by the Bar, so that the Section is entirely self-­‐supported by voluntary dues of its members. The Section must obtain approval of its members to such election by mail or electronic vote or at a regular or special meeting. Upon exercising its right under this policy, the Section shall be provided administrative and other services by the bar on a fee for service basis only. The election shall be effective until rescinded by a vote of the Section membership.