Article III

Article III. Meetings of Section

Section 1. Meetings of the Section (including meetings of the Executive Committee and its committees) are subject to the Public Meetings Law (ORS 192.610 et seq. and 192.630(4)).ORS 192.630(4) requires that meetings of a public body be held within the geographic boundaries of the state. The Section shall notify the Bar at least twenty (20) days in advance of any meeting, or in the case of special meetings as soon as possible.

Section 2. The Section shall hold at least one membership meeting annually for the purpose of conducting Section business, which meeting shall be known as the Section Annual Business Meeting.
The Section Annual Business Meeting may be held electronically. Sections shall elect officers and executive committee members by November 15.

Section 3. Special meetings of the Section may be scheduled from time to time by the Section Executive  Committee.

Section 4. A quorum is required to conduct Section Business at all meetings of the Section. At Section meetings other than Section Executive Committee meetings, those members voting shall
constitute a quorum and action shall be by majority of those voting.

Section 5. A report to the Section membership shall be  presented at the meeting and shall include information about the Section’s activities and use of dues for the previous calendar year, the activities and use of dues contemplated for the next year, the status of the Section’s finances, its budget, long range plan and fiscal reserve policy.

Section 6. The Section shall sponsor or co-­‐sponsor not fewer than one continuing legal education program every two years. The CLE program may, but need not, be held in conjunction with the Section’s Annual Business Meeting. Sections are encouraged to offer complimentary CLE admission to 50-­‐year members and to judges and their lawyer staff.